Welcome to Toastcraft! We are a friendly, comfortable, modded 1.12.2 server with plans for an Earth map, roleplay, and more. We are a very new server, having started just on 6/13/20, so don't feel afraid to ask questions or give suggestions!

Join us at toasted.breadcraft.me [Forge 1.12.2]. Make sure to follow the guide above. See here for the site of our Vanilla server.

The Rules

1. Do not be a cunt.
We are all comrades here. You may PVP only in Warzones or with consent from both sides.
2. Be respectful.
Do not do anything that can reasonably upset someone else. For example, don't say the N word or any other slurs if they don't pertain to you. As a general rule of thumb, if someone says they are uncomfortable, stop.
3. Do not grief.
Respect people’s creations. We have plugins to investigate all claims of griefing and stealing.
4. Do not steal.
Do not take anything without permission.
5. Do not cheat.
Hands off the X-Ray.
6. Do not abuse your privileges.
Do not spawn in stacks of diamonds if I grant you Operator or Creative. Use the abilities I grant to you to build projects, not exploit for personal gain.

If you have any problems, suggestions, or just want something to say, then go on the discord and ping Tinyds. I’m always willing to hear about any concerns and I will never be upset with you, unless if you are an ass.

Getting Started

What is Toastcraft?
Toastcraft is the official modpack for the modded Breadcraft server!

How can I join Toastcraft?
Use the address toasted.breadcraft.me [1.12.2] once you have installed the modpack. It should already be on top of the server list. Make sure to read the rules at spawn- that is, once I get around to building one!

How can I install Toastcraft?
See the instructions above.

What's the modlist?
You can find the list here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult our Discord for the time being. More will be posted here soon,

Points of Interest

A work in progress. DM Tinyds for submissions.

Installation Instructions

How can I install Toastcraft?
Just follow these four easy steps!

1. Download the Twitch Launcher from here.

2. Go on the Modpack page and hit Install on the Main File.

3. [OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Download and install 1.12.2 Optifine. You can do this by right clicking on the modpack on the Twitch launcher, click Open Folder, and drag and drop Optifine into the /mods/ folder.

4. Hit play, make sure to configure the settings to your heart's desire, and have fun!